Jake + Bridget’s San Antonio Wedding at Supper {Hotel Emma} and their Backyard

For totally selfish reasons I was really excited when I received a call from Jake. He was telling me how they plan to do a small ceremony with about 20 people and then have a party with all their friends and extended family a couple days later.

Jake+Bridget_portraits-39I am always honored when a couple chooses me to photograph one of the biggest days of their lives. In this case I was also super excited because I have always wanted to shoot this type of wedding. And here is the selfish part, this is the type of celebration that I have envisioned for my wedding since getting engaged so naturally I wanted to see how it went down!

I think what I loved most about their wedding was how it felt that it was really about them. There is nothing wrong with having a big wedding and I think it works out great for a lot of people. But you could tell that a large or traditional wedding wouldn’t have been their speed so they did it their way.  (Side note, personally, I am all about people doing things in a way that feels right for them in all areas of life!)

As a photographer I loved it because of how flexible the day was! We originally didn’t have a lot of time planned for their portraits but they were enjoying that part so much that they decided to push dinner back 30 minutes. No biggie!

Since the ceremony was on a Thursday they were able to enjoy conversation and celebration with their closest friends and family over a delicious dinner at Supper located in the Hotel Emma here in San Antonio, Texas.

Sometimes a long wedding day can be exhausting and by the time it is time to dance and celebrate people are often exhausted. I was curious if not having everyone at the ceremony or it being a couple days later would kill the momentum of the celebration. Turns out, it was quite the opposite! Everyone seemed really refreshed and excited to celebrate the newlyweds.

I could go on and on about all the things I enjoyed about the way they decided to do what was right for them, so if you have any questions please leave them in the comments area and I will reply!

The final thought I will leave you with is there is no right or wrong when it comes to how you celebrate your day. I have clients who ask me all the time “Is this what I am supposed to do?”

My simple answer, “This is your day.”


P.S. Jake + Bridget had planned on having their wedding at the Japanese Tea Gardens before the rain decided to drift into town. Check our Ashley + Roy’s wedding at this venue for one of my favorite locations if you are trying to have your ceremony and reception in one venue!

Peace + love.


Love Helpz Kids: Take Two


I am so honored to be the photographer for the San Antonio chapter of Love Helpz Kidz again this year.  It is great to be back with such an ambitious group of talented and loving people all after the same goal: saying bon voyage to cancer.

Here are some of the photographs from one of the very colorful fundraisers held at Whimsy Art Studios.


Follow Love Helpz Kids SA on Facebook for updates. The main event is a fashion show and I can saw after attending last year, you don’t want to miss this event. If you can believe it, it is even more colorful than this painting fundraiser.


Mother’s Day Photoshoot

Even though my siblings and I are all grown and out of the house, it never fails that every year when we ask my mom what she would like for Mother’s Day we get the same answer: updates photographs.

Time is a weird thing. We feel and do so much on a daily basis that it just seems to fly by. A Mother’s Day photo session is the perfect opportunity to slow it all down. We can capture the moments that make growing-up so great. We can capture the laughter, time together and just overall where your family is at in this moment in time.

Below is the package I have happily prepared for all the incredible Moms and their beautiful families.

mothersdayFB-01.jpgMother’s Day Photoshoot special

The package:
initial consultation

1 hour photoshoot

online gallery to
select your images

$75 print credit

mobile app with
ordered images

1 hour massage with
Diana Duncan for Mom!*

Total Investment: $455
($530 value)

*Of course Mother’s Day is all about spending time with Mom so please note that you can schedule the massage for a day other than Mother’s Day.

To be able to give the prints to Mom for Mother’s Day, please make sure to book the shoot for May 8th or earlier.

If you would like to book this package to give as a gift to Mom, I will honor this package price until May 14th (Mother’s Day!) and allow booking up until June 14th.

Shoot me an email hello@morganwhitneyphotography.com or give me a call at 614.668.1230 to book.

Click here to see more photos of the little guy from the baby bump above.


Girl On The Plane

It isn’t too often that when someone’s fiancé comes back from a business trip muttering the words, “I met this girl on the plane” that it leads to happy outcome. But in this case, this girl on the airplane who “Ya, I bought her a drink because it was her birthday” turns to have totally worked out for me.

This mystery lady from the plane has turned out to be one of my now closest friends, and the second time this year I got to photograph a friend’s wedding! From a bride who has been in my life for over 20 years to one who has helped to make San Antonio feel like home in the past year, I consider myself so lucky when my work and personal life collide.

I give you some girl on the plane aka my friend Ashley and Roy at the incredible Japanese Tea Gardens. The highlights…

Getting Ready

First Look




Then this happened…

Love you ya lovers.

The Prince and the P

This past Friday I started off my weekend with a lifestyle shoot with IG blogger Shay aka @theprinceandthep at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio, TX.


Sounds great, right? The truth is, it was a really hard day for me. Friday morning I woke up to a call from my sister that we had to put our family dog to sleep. I was heartbroken.

Nemo was a humorous, loveably-lazy, doughnut enthusiast pup. He was a best friend, a reason to get out of the house to take a simple walk and the laughter behind the sentence I’ve heard/said hundreds of times, “Guess what Nemo did!”

I knew we had done the right thing ending his pain, but I still feel like a member of my family is gone.

But when the time came for me to pull it together I was so glad to meet this adorable family. They were real, they were sweet and although these kiddos were tired from traveling and way more into all the activities to come during their weekend getaway, we had a great time creating laughing, playing and capturing some really sweet moments.

One of the largest challenges of being in the creative field is that everything is so personal. There is no hiding. When I show up to shoot I have to be present not just physically but mentally and emotionally.


So in this case, I was so grateful to be able to put my troubles down for a couple hours. I was thankful to know my love for people and photography were able to bring moments of laughter and creativity into otherwise a really, really shitty day. Simply put, I was excited to meet such a lovely family that I got to spend the afternoon with simply enjoying life.


P drawing me a picture of toast while eating apples.

Mom + P.

Work + play.


P asked if this pumpkin was white because there were frozen princesses inside.
“Hello, Elsa? Cinderella?”


Mom + Dad.


Happy all the way.

Love you little Nemo.


Northern California


Back in July I went out to Northern California to do some photography and rebranding work for a financial advisor. Besides all the amazing scenery, delicious wine and working with great clients, I had the opportunity to spend the day on the coast with a best friend’s new best friends. (That sounds sad but it is not. Remember that girl-scout song…)

I love shoots like these because we just get to play…

…and there is not doubt that being at the ocean brings out that carefree feeling.

This are the moments that I think Brodie (the little guy) and Mikey will remember for a long time to come. I hope these photos keep their moments of laughter and play alive and in ways they can share with others.


A Love Across The Atlantic

I have known this lovely bride, Katelyn, since I was in the forth grade. She was not only my neighbor but also my first lifelong friend. We played on the same soccer team together. We ate breakfast (cold waffles and warm muffins, both with butter) together on the back of the bus. We even did our “homework” together after school. AKA we watched trashy TV while eating ice-cream. But that was all good because we were together.

After college Katelyn and I both spent time living overseas. But, not together. I still have all the emails printed out from our first summer apart. Katelyn was in France living what seemed like a fairytale. She was meeting interesting people from all over the world and often hopping on trains to see the country.

But, things weren’t always easy living so far away from your friends, family and everything that she found familiar. But within that struggle came someone who has led her down a path of pure happiness and continuous adventure.

Meet Katelyn and Flo.


This wedding was full of personal touches.

After being long distance across the Atlantic a first look was only appropriate for this couple to spend as much of the day together as possible.

The venue was her father’s backyard.


Her brothers helped run the show but countless hours went into making everything perfect before any guests arrived with the help of friends and family.

The aisle was formed by all their friends and family.

The ceremony consisted of other married couples reading their advice to the newlyweds.

Her darling grandfather read a poem.

Their parents signed the marriage license right before…

…wait for it…Kate+Flo-244

(first the rings)

… and finally the kiss.

I put my camera down for the party which in French tradition meant staying up until the sun came up. But so happy I got to capture these incredible moments with my lifelong friend and the love of her life.

Love you both.


And of course photos by yours truly. 

pictured with my dad and sister